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What is My Skin Type exactly?

What is My Skin Type exactly?

Do you know what is your skin type?

It is important to know your skin type so that it can help you find the best skincare routine. This will help you find products that work with your skin rather than against it, as well as preventing any further harm to your skin.

Let's figure out your skin type. Which of the following best describe your skin? 

Skin type can change depending on your age, environment, stress or diet.

A. Your skin feels tight, rough, flaky or itchy sometimes. You rarely get an oily shine on your face. Your skin looks dull and has a few visible pores or blackheads.

If you chose A. You have Dry Skin. This means your skin under-produce oil to keep it hydrated. Avoid over-exfoliating (once a week) and drink lots of water. Look for a cream moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to keep skin moisturized and retain moisture on the skin. 

B. I get breakout easily, have larger pores and blackheads. I can feel an oily residue around my face throughout the day.

If you chose B. You have Oily Skin. While we all produce natural oils (sebum) to keep our skin moisturised, the amount of oil produced varies person by person. An excess of oil can grip dead skin cells, block pores which leads us to blackhead or acne. But that doesn't mean you should stop applying your moisturizer. We suggest you try a gel-type moisturizer that helps hydrates the skin without leaving an oily residue.

C. I have oily T-Zone especially at the end of the day, my cheek feels dry or tight after washing. I have blackheads on my T-zone and my skin condition change according to the season.

If you chose C. You have Combination Skin. It means you have an unbalanced skin condition. It is dry on a certain area and oilier at another. While there's no perfect formula to a combination-skin moisturizer, there are lots of Korean beauty cream that targets this skin type, such as the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream. We suggest you alternate between products for the morning and night, or use one product on the T-zone and another product for the cheek

D. My skin gets irritated or redness easily and are very reactive to certain ingredients in the product I used. I feel tingle sensation and get redness due to certain ingredients.

If you chose D. You have Sensitive Skin, which means that you have cautious with the products you put on your skin! There are plenty of Korean beauty products such as Pyungkang Yul, which has minimal to no harmful ingredients that will irritate the skin. For this skin type, it is best to keep the routine minimal and use products that fix the skin's moisture barrier.

E. I rarely experience breakouts or sensitivity and my skin isn't too dry or too oily. I have little pores along the T-zone or have little blackhead.

If you chose E. You have Normal Skin. Congratulation! Normal skin is the best type of skin to handle compared to other skin types. But this doesn't mean you don't have to take care of it. You will only need a basic routine. Make sure you apply sunscreen and keep skin hydrated at all time. 

What products suitable for my skin type?

We have a variety of products available for all skin type as follows:

Normal / Dry Skin - Click Here

Sensitive Skin - Click Here

Oily / Combination Skin - Click Here



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