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MIXSOON Centella Asiatica Toner 150ml

MIXSOON Centella Asiatica Toner 150ml

MIXSOON Centella Asiatica Toner 150ml

a super concentrated, purely Centella Asiatic Extract toner, designed to deliver the incredible benefits of K-BEAUTY cult classic ingredient Centella Asiatica or Cica. This product helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier with ease, enabling better protection in the future in response to potential irritants. Furthermore, this product also greatly assists with fighting against redness inflammation, irritation, and itchiness, ensuring that the skin remains calm and soothed after usage. Also rich in anti-oxidants, this toner can also assist in building a better resilience of the skin against free radicals. The hydrating abilities of this toner is also not to be forgotten, delivering intensive hydration and promoting healthier skin through providing water deep into the skin.

Containing zero unnecessary ingredients, this product has a water toner texture, but is purely potent Cica, effectively sinking into the skin without the hassle of oily ingredients sitting on top of the skin surface, instantly offering a soothing effect to the skin and evening out hyperpigmentation. This toner also promotes collagen synthesis to maintain the skins’ firmness and suppleness, leading to a brighter and more youthful skin complexion and texture.

Main Benefits:

  • contains no unnecessary and filler ingredients, being a purely Centella Asiatica toner, which allows for the most effective delivery of this ingredients benefits
  • is rich in anti-oxidants to fight against free radicals and environmental aggressors
  • hydrates and moisturises the skin effectively, enabling a stronger and more resilient skin barrier and better inner skin level health
  • soothes and immediately calms any redness or irritation, further improving and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • promotes anti-aging through collagen synthesis support, which can leave the skin feeling more elastic, with a firm and bouncy texture, evening out and fading fine lines or wrinkles from the skin surface.

Key ingredients:

  • Centella Asiatica Extract (100%) — also known as tiger grass or cica this is a traditional Asian skincare and medicinal ingredient to assist in wound healing, promote skin barrier moisture retention, anti-oxidising benefits, reducing skin redness and inflammation, alleviate symptoms associated with eczema and psoriasis, hydrate, and stimulate collagen production + synthesis!

Suitable For: Sensitive Skin Types

Specialty: the highest concentration Centella Asiatica product we offer, made of PURE cica! — making it vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, alcohol free, artificial fragrance + colourant free.

How to use: apply a moderate amount with cotton pad and then gently tap for better absorption, or you could simply dispense the product into your palms and pat into skin for instant boost of hydration!



Disclaimer: While we strive to ensure the accuracy of our product information, please note that sometimes ingredients are subject to change at manufacturer's discretion. We recommend referring to the item’s packaging for the most complete and updated list of ingredients and warnings.

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