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8 The Thalasso Scalp Massage Brush Soft/Hard/Strong 1pc

8 The Thalasso Scalp Massage Brush Soft/Hard/Strong 1pc

8 The THALASSO Scalp Massage Brush Soft/Hard/Strong

Experience a blissful head spa right at home! Transform your bathing routine with this versatile shampoo brush, gently cleansing and massaging your scalp for a truly relaxing soak. Elevate your self-care regimen by incorporating pressure point stimulation into your daily routine with this In Out Bath tool. Crafted with moderately firm protrusions, it effortlessly targets pressure points, ensuring a comfortable yet effective massage experience.

  • Soft: Ideal for those craving a tender scalp massage
  • Hard: Perfect for thoroughly loosening up the scalp.
  • Strong: This robust massage brush is your go-to for both in and out of the bath, providing unparalleled scalp soothing. Its ergonomic design fits snugly in your palm and features a convenient hook hole for easy storage. Whether used during shampooing to eliminate pore-clogging dirt and enhance blood circulation, or for targeted pressure point stimulation, this brush promises a luxurious head spa experience every day. The ultra-hard strong variant is designed for those seeking intense stimulation.

How to use:

As a shampoo brush: Apply the brush lightly to the scalp while it's lathered, moving it gently without exerting force.

As a massage brush: Place the brush on areas of scalp tension, applying pressure and moving it in small circular motions to loosen the scalp. For pressure point stimulation: Position the brush on the scalp and apply vertical pressure. Light tapping is also recommended for stimulating pressure points.

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