ESSENCE - The epicenter of the Korean skincare routine, as it hydrates your skin from within. It brings out the inner glow and brightens your skin. Essence is normally use after toner.

SERUM - A gel-like, lightweight formula that is loaded with powerful ingredients to treat specific skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and dullness. Serums are slightly heavier than essence and toner because they contain highly concentrated and potent active ingredients.

AMPOULE - A highly concentrated version of a serum, and act like a booster or a shot. But, unlike serums, ampoules can only be used for a short duration of time. They come in handy when you have an important event or occasion coming up.

FACIAL OIL - High in natural, skin-identical ingredients that are respectful of your skin's biology while also being highly effective. If you want a radiant glow, a well-chosen facial oil is a must have.