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SOME BY MI Super Matcha Series and Matcha Skin Benefits

SOME BY MI Super Matcha Series and Matcha Skin Benefits

SOME BY MI has launched their new Super Matcha Series and it has been loved by many since. We are excited to announce that this series has finally arrived in Cosme Hut Australia (All Stores + Online) and our fellow Aussies can now enjoy the benefits of Super Matcha from this series.

The key ingredients in the SOME BY MI Super Matcha Series are Matcha water and BHA, which gently purifies your skin and tighten up your pores.

The main benefit of this series is to combat pore concerns, such as excess sebum, blackheads and dead skin cells, leaving your skin clear and refreshed.

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SOME BY MI is a multi-award-winning Korean Skincare brand that focuses on restoring the skin's natural health with low irritating and moisturising ingredients. The brand is famous for their 30 Days Miracle Toner, which is their best-selling item. Their popularity started in Southeast Asian. The brand opened pop-up stores in Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. That was so successful that the brand expanded to more than 20 countries worldwide.

 Some By Mi 10 in 1 Pore Care Kit- Super Matcha Toner+Matcha Clay Mask,  Korean Skincare | Chicsta


  • Chlorophyll: Protect the skin from sun damage and reduce photo-aging, which means fewer wrinkles and sunspots. It protects our skin by shielding it from impurities and chemicals in the environment that could clog skin pores.
  • EGCG(Epigallocatechin-3-gallate): Contain anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that help with acne prone skin.
  • Antioxidant: Promotes smoother and more supple skin due to its ability to rejuvenate skin cells and support skin structure.
  • Vitamin K: Reduce puffiness, skin inflammation, and dark under-eye circles, which help promotes blood circulation.


SOME BY MI - Super Matcha Pore Clean Cleansing Gel

The cleansing gel is composed of three main layers: 62% matcha water, micro-micellar bubbles enriched with natural BHA and PHA, and a mix of konjac granules, calamine, green tea and tea tree powders, all to purify, tightens pore and moisturises the skin.

Removes skin impurities in gentle scrub with 3 types of powder from Konjac Granules, also softens skin texture.

Forms micro micellar bubbles, deeply cleanses off accumulated impurities layered inside the pores.

Contains BHA, PHA ingredients and white willow bark extract to dissolves dead skin cells without irritation.


SOME BY MI - Super Matcha Pore Clean Clay Mask

Enriched with calming botanical ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extract, tea tree leaf water, glacial water, BHA and 102,000ppm Super Matcha, this clay mask thoroughly cleanses pores and hydrates skin while ridding it of excess sebum and impurities.

Naturally sourced BHA removes the dead skin cells to unclog the pores and Clay, Matcha powder absorb the impurities, leaving pores empty and clean.

102,000ppm of Super Matcha: Cleanses skin and offers pore care.

BHA: Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation.

120,000ppm of Clay: Absorbs excessive sebum, skin impurities inside pores.

Centella Asiatica Extract & Tea tree Leaf Water & Glacial Water: Calms and moisturise the skin.


SOME BY MI - Super Matcha Pore Tightening Toner

Formulated with 83% matcha water, this powerful yet gentle-on-skin toner hydrates and purifies skin while tightening pores. Additional ingredients such as BHA, Sebum Control Powder™ and glacial water produce a bright and fully moisturized finish.

83% of Super Matcha Water: Purifies, tightens and moisturises pores.

5% of BHA (Willow Bark Extract): Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation.

Sebum Control Powder™: Absorbs excessive sebum, skin impurities inside pores.

Glacial Water and Carbonated Water: Moisturises and brightens skin for glowy radiance.


SOME BY MI - Super Matcha Pore Tightening Serum

This watery serum purifies and tightens pores with 93% matcha water; gently dissolves dead skin cells with BHA and PHA; moisturizes with glacial water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin; brightens with centella asiatica and maintains the skin’s water-oil balance with patented ingredient Anti Sebum P. Leaves skin with a refreshing, non-sticky finish. Free of 20 harmful chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin.

93% of Matcha Water: purifies, tightens and moisturises pores, leave your skin feeling refreshing without unpleasant stickiness.

BHA, PHA: Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation.

Glacial Water, Centella Asiatica: Moisturises and brightens the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin: Provide intense moisture to the skin.

Anti Sebum P: Maintain water oil balance and improve pore elasticity.

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SOME BY MI Super Matcha Series has completed the Skin irritation test. All products contain no 20-harmful chemicals, and it is safe for sensitive skin.


Cosme Hut team would highly recommend this series to those who has oily to combination skin type.  If you suffer from excessive oil production, which may lead to large pores if unattended for a prolong time, this series can help balance your sebum, cleanse and tighten your pores, leaving your skin smooth and glowy after consistent use.


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