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Probiotic for Skincare. Is it worth the Hype and why do you need it?

Probiotic for Skincare. Is it worth the Hype and why do you need it?

Many of us may be familiar with probiotics in the form of supplements or in some of our favourite foods like, kimchi, yogurt and kombucha. Similar to how ingesting probiotics can help keep our gut systems, probiotics in skincare (applied topically), helps balance the skin, soothe and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Although the benefits of probiotics have been long known, probiotics in the form of skincare is a relatively new concept that is growing in popularity in the Korean beauty industry. Keeping skin well balanced may be the answer to many common skin issues such as inflammation, redness, irritation and sensitivity, which is exactly what probiotics help to tackle.



Probiotics are good bacteria, microorganisms that occur naturally within and on the body. The more good bacteria we have present in our body, the more likely we are to prevent the bad bacteria from taking over and causing digestion problems, illness and irritation. Each person has their own combination of microorganisms living inside our bodies and on the surface of our skin that make up our natural bacterial ecosystem, known as our microbiome.

Sun damage from UV rays, airborne pollutants, your diet and irritating skin products are just a few examples of what can throw the skin’s microbiome out of balance. An unbalanced microbiome can lead to issues such as lingering acne, dryness, redness, inflammation, irritation and sensitive skin. The aim of probiotics in skincare is to help restore and maintain the delicate balance of good bacteria so our skin can keep itself in peak condition.



Probiotics in skincare provides the skin with healing and calming benefits as the surge of naturally good bacteria helps the skin cells thrive. A well stabilized microbiome helps:

- Strengthens and protects the skin’s barrier against environmental pollutants, bad bacteria and help in the fight against acne

- Prevent Acne Breakouts by balancing the “good” bacteria on the skin, inhibiting oil production and growth of Propionibacterium (a bacteria that linked to breakout). Read full research on this here.

- Prevent premature ageing

- Enhances the skin’s ability to become and stay properly hydrated - Reduce factors that trigger sensitivity and redness

- Soothes inflammation and irritation

- Visibly improve dryness, and any tight or uncomfortable feeling on the skin.



When the microbiome and skin barrier is well balanced, our skin is able to better regulate oil production, keep skin hydrated and fend off free radicals.

For sensitive skin, probiotics help to rebuild and strengthen the skin’s barrier, speed up the skin cell repair process and improve skin resilience and natural immunity. A more well-balanced microbiome means the skin is less reactive and less sensitive to irritants.

If pollution is one of your skin concerns, topically applied probiotics help boost the skin’s natural defence against skin pollutants and environmental aggressors as they calm the immune response that pollution and stress can stimulate. This helps prevent damage to the skin’s natural collagen, elastin and healthy cells.

For acne troubled skin, recent research has shown that probiotics are proving to be a promising way to treat acne causing bacteria by calming and balancing the inflammatory response from within the skin.


Best Korean skin care with probiotics:

1. Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Probio AmpouleOne of Missha's star products, this ampoule helps to give you a dewy, supple and clear complexion. The key ingredient for this anti-ageing serum is a probiotic lysate called Bifida Ferment Lysate, a fermented yeast that visibly reduces signs of ageing and improves skin elasticity while protecting the skin. 

2. Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx (Pro Ferment)K-Beauty Award winner and Missha's bestselling essence, this miracle water essence is formulated with probiotics and contains 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate (Saccharomyces ferment filtrate), which absorbs into skin instantly, repairing and nourishing on a cellular level. Niacinamide, a Vitamin B3 component, improves skin elasticity, enhances skin barrier function, and revives skin tone and texture for an overall bright and clear tone.

MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx | COSME HUT


If you’re looking for some other ways to protect and help balance your skin’s microbiome, we recommend that you:

1. Avoiding harsh scrubbing:

  •  We recommend using a gentle, ph balanced cleanser and only exfoliate a maximum of twice a week
  •  This is to avoid stripping the skin of it’s naturally occurring good bacteria and oils

 2Eating more fibre and taking care of your digestive health:

  • Your brain, gut and skin all speak to one another so what you put into your body has a direct impact on your overall health, and the health of your skin
  • Gut friendly fermented foods and beverages include, kombucha, miso, kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut
  • Some fibre-rich foods that are a great source of probiotics include, oats, barley, asparagus, and leeks
  • Improving your body’s immunity function will boost the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system


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