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MARY & MAY: Clean Beauty + Effective Ingredients

MARY & MAY: Clean Beauty + Effective Ingredients

Mary & May is now available in Cosme Hut Online and All Stores!

Mary & May is a Korean Beauty Brand that aims for clean beauty and are not afraid to disclose the research on the ingredients used in their products. The brand encourages a healthier and smarter consumption by providing information on ingredients that can be easily understood just by looking at the name of each product. All ingredients used in Mary & May products are EWG green grade and cruelty-free.

Mary & May practices eco-friendly values in attempt to protect the Earth by using only recyclable paper packaging and eco-friendly soybean oil ink.

To learn more about Mary & May and its brand, kindly visit their official website.



Natural Ingredients

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe sensitive skin

Centella asiatica is native to Asian wetlands and has been used for a long time in traditional medicine for various skin diseases and wounds. Research have shown that Centella asiatica has a strong anti-bacterial effect and also helps improve skin regeneration and elasticity.

MARY&MAY maximizes the efficacy of the ingredients by containing 95% of the Korean Centella asiatica extract, combines with only 7 effective key ingredients in the optimal ratio to effectively capture what the skin needs giving the result of smooth and silky skin.

MARY & MAY Centella Asiatica Serum

A skin calming and soothing serum is formulated with 95% Centella Asiatica which has strong anti-bacterial and skin soothing benefits and has been used traditionally for healing wounds and skin ailments.  With use of this quick-absorbing serum, redness and irritation is reduced, and the skin is able to repair itself to maintain healthy, hydrated skin.


Marine Collagen

Collagen that makes skin firm and tight

Collagen is like a substance that supports the structure of the skin, and it naturally accounts for more than 70% of the dermis of the skin. However, from the age of mid-20s onwards, the collagen regeneration rate in our skin decreases every year, reducing the elasticity of the dermis, which makes the skin look frail and wrinkled.

Normal collagen is very difficult to absorb into the skin due to its high molecular weight. Mary & May uses low molecular marine collagen, which is extracted from the sea and hydrolyzed, as the main ingredient to maximize absorption on the skin. Marine collagen is similar to the structure of collagen found in human skin, having high skin affinity and no irritation.

MARY & MAY Marine Collagen Serum

This serum from MARY & MAY contains 95% small molecule collagen for deeper penetration, addressing the symptoms of aging skin and hydrates parched skin. It delivers a boost of collagen to the skin to restore firm skin and refine visible wrinkles without feeling greasy.


Characteristics Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

The Ultimate Choice of Hydration, Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent source of moisture that holds 1000 times its weight. The reason why a newborn baby's skin stays soft and moist is that there is an abundant amount of hyaluronic acid. However, as we get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body gradually decreases, making the skin gets rough and wrinkles form easily.

Mary & May uses low molecular hyaluronic acid to increase absorption to fill the skin with moisture. In addition, it contains five different hyaluronic acid compounds, filling the skin to the epidermis in three dimensions to transform dry skin moist and elastic.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin easily, while medium/high molecular hyaluronic acid provides rich moisture to the skin's epidermis and base layers and forms a hyaluronic acid membrane to maintain penetration into each pore.

MARY & MAY Hyaluronics Serum

A serum formulated with small molecular structure of hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin between skin cells and moisturize from within. It effectively replenishes hydration with hyaluronic acid that holds 1000 times of its weight in water, leaving plump and supple skin. It contains high molecular structure of hyaluronic acid to hold moisture to the skin's surface and lessens evaporation, retaining hydrated skin.




Mary & May Sensitive Soothing Gel Blemish Cream

A light gel-type formulation full of moisture, soothes sensitive skin by absorbing moisture, filling densely with moisture for a fresh finish. Suitable for Sensitive Skin. Instant soothing moisturizing effect.

  • 8% Houttuynia Cordata – rich in Cuercitrin, which removes skin toxicity, which helps to clean pores and relieves skin trouble through anti-inflammatory action. Has excellent detoxification and it is used as medicinal herb to treat swelling and skin diseases.
  • 7% Tea Tree Extract – has a natural disinfectant function, which has been used by Australians as a natural anti-bacterial disinfectant for thousands of years and was also used to treat wounds of soldiers with skin injury treatment during World War II.
  • Panthenol – when enters the skin, it converts into vitamin B5 and helps to deliver moisture, soothe the skin, relieve inflammation, and relieve itching. It contains 6 types of hyaluronic acid that holds moisture 1,000 times its weight, helps maintain moisture and keep the skin fresh all day long.
  • Fragrance Free
  • Zero Allergens
  • Completed Skin Irritation Test


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