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Glycation: The leading cause of Skin Aging + POLA B.A. Launch

Glycation: The leading cause of Skin Aging + POLA B.A. Launch

What is Glycation?

Glycation is a chemical reaction occurred when there’s a presence of excess glucose (sugar) in skin fibers. Scientific research shows that glycation is one of the main causes of skin ageing.


How does Glycation occur?

Glycation occurs when the excess glucose triggers an internal reaction in which sugar molecules hold onto the collagen and elastin proteins under our skin, which normally help keep skin firm and supple. This forms the destructive molecules called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).

As we age, the AGEs molecules accumulate inside the skin and will end up destroying the support cushion of the skin formed by elastin and collagen. This means our skin loses its firming ability, and ultimately make us look older than we really are.


How does Glycation effect the appearance of the skin

As the AGE molecules destroy the collagen and elastin in our skin, it will:

  • Promote Wrinkles and fine lines to form
  • Reduces suppleness of the skin
  • Reduces skin firmness which results in saggy skin
  • Reduce skin radiance, skin may appear dull and tired


How to prevent glycation?

While we are not able to fully stop Glycation from happening, research has shown that it can be slowed down with good dietary choices and using the right skincare products.


  • Diet
Avoid or reduce white sugar and High-fructose corn syrup: Choose complex carbs such as wholegrain bread and brown rice, as they produce less glucose and has low Glycaemic Index
Consume Green tea to help stimulates collagen synthesis and it has been proven to inhibit with the glycation process.
  • Skincare
Choose a good quality anti-aging cream that contains AGEs inhibitors. This two powerful ingredients key has been proven to help fight against glycation:
Ume Extract: Ume is a type of Japanese plum that has been used as food and medicine in Southeast Asia. It contains twice as many proteins, minerals, and fats than other fruits. It has a powerful anti-glycation effect, which interferes the formation of new AGEs whist accelerating the decomposition of existing ones.
Vitamin C or Vitamin C Derivative: Widely known for its benefits on the skin, such as increasing collagen synthesis, skin firming, brightens the skin, and has powerful anti-oxidising properties and more.


About the brand: POLA

POLA, established in 1929 in Shizuoka City, Japan, is a high-end cosmetic brand, they are especially well-known in Southeast Asia. POLA believe people who are truly beautiful have not only has beautiful skin, but beauty hidden on the inside as well. POLA conducts the highest levels of research in life science and bioactivity to provide a new sense of life and beauty to the skin.

POLA is one of the first companies to conduct intense research on skin damage caused by glycation. They have discovered that by addressing and preventing glycation, which causes skin damage, can prevents “yellowing” or dull skin and slow down ageing, which leads to brighter and younger looking skin.

Cosme Hut has been the official distributor for POLA in Australia for many years now. We have been stocking POLA products offline (In-Store) and the products received much love from our local customers. We are excited to finally launching POLA skincare products online!

B.A Skin Care | Product Lineup | B.A | Product Brands | POLA Official  Website – Anti-Aging Care and Whitening Cosmetics

POLA B.A. Range is especially designed to deal and prevent the glycation process of the skin. Here are a range of POLA B.A. products available in Cosme Hut Online:

POLA B.A. Wash, 100g

A powerful moisturizing foaming facial wash.
Creates a luxuriously-rich lather to gently & effectively remove impurities without stripping skin's natural moisture.
Powered by Golden LP extracted from the rare golden cocoon.
Rich in silk protein for moisturizing nourishing repairing & anti-aging benefits.
Infused with a floral woody fragrance to boost the senses.
Leaves skin perfectly clean soft & translucent.


POLA B.A. Serum Prislumina Facial Serum, 40ml

An advanced brightening & moisturizing facial serum.
Powered by cutting-edge BP Lumina Extract that reflects light of various colors on skin.
Contains Vitamin C derivatives to reduce the formation of melanin dark spots & discoloration.
Blended with moisturizing ingredients derived from plants like YAC Extract & EG Clear Extract.
Infused with a floral woody fragrance to boost the senses.
Keeps skin softer firmer plumper more elastic radiant & even-toned.


POLA B.A. Revup Facial Serum, 40ml

A rich fast-acting rejuvenating facial serum.
Formulated with plant-derived ingredients for moisturizing benefits.
Helps boost hydration levels to plump up skin.
Fills in wrinkles & fine lines.
Infused with a crisp green floral scent to enhance the mood.
Keeps skin firmer smoother fresher brighter & younger-looking.
Allergy tested.


POLA B.A Eye Zone Cream, 26g

A lightweight ultimate anti-ageing eye cream. Formulated with CF Essence1 Complex to retain moisture in skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Firms & strengthens eye contours while soothing puffy eyes. Unveils a smoother plumper brighter hydrated & younger-looking eye zone.


Check out the whole POLA product range here.


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