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Everyone is putting Snail Slime (Mucin) on their face, and Here's Why.

Everyone is putting Snail Slime (Mucin) on their face, and Here's Why.

In recent years, the beauty industry has been buzzing about this not-so-new ingredient - Snail Mucin (or some called it Snail Slime). Yes you read it right, it’s the slow moving, little slimy creature you can find in your garden, and they are making a debut into skincare products that claim to give you a more hydrated and youthful skin.

What exactly is Snail Mucin and what's the history behind it?

Snail Mucin, can be often labeled as “Snail Secretion Filtrate” on the product ingredient list, is a thick fluid (slime) generated by snail made up of glycoproteins, copper peptides, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acids. This slimy fluid works as a protector to protect the snails while they are crawling.

Many may have heard about the ingredient from the Korean Beauty market, but the first usage of snail slime dated back to ancient Greece time, where it was first prescribed as a topical treatment to reduce inflammation.

In fact, the first Snail Cream for skin was developed in Chile back in 1995. The Chileans snail-breeders realized they have very soft hands due to the handling of snails daily, which inspired them to create the Snail Cream.

Decades later, the beauty-forward Korean Market rediscovered this amazing ingredient and introduce it to the world.

How is snail mucin being produced and is there cruelty involved during the process?

Rest assured, NO snails are harmed during the whole process. In order to produce high quality slime, the snails have to feel comfortable and stay in a stress-free, well rested condition, therefore they are very well treated and pampered. Most farms or labs will feed them only organic food, keeping them in a dark quiet room and allow them to roam around freely, leaving slime in their trails.

Those slimes are then collected, concentrated, and goes into a purification process to remove any bacteria, to ensure that it is safe for human use. The final product will be an odorless, clear or white mucus.

The Benefits of Snail Mucin for your Skin.

Snail mucin is full of hyaluronic acid, glycoprotease, proteoglycan and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and are proven to be beneficial for healing or rebuilding the skin. In addition, it has anti-microbial properties and protect the skin from acne-causing bacteria.

What Snail Mucin can do for your skin:

  • Boost skin hydration & Support Skin Barrier
  • Repairing skin damage and Soothe Irritation
  • Fight and prevention of acne or blemishes
  • Lightens acne scars or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Promoting elastin and collagen production to slow down signs of aging
  • Diminish Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Are there any negatives side effects to the use of Snail Mucin?

There hasn’t been a wide range of research and studies done on the effects of Snail Mucin. However, just as with any beauty ingredient, allergies are still possible. We highly recommend that you do a test for reactions with a small amount on the back of your hand before slathering all over your face. In fact, we recommend you do this step before purchasing any new beauty products.

What are some of the best beauty products with snail mucin?

The most common snail products on the market are Serums & Creams. If you're looking to use snail mucin as a multi-purpose anti-ager, seek it out in a serum, as these will have a higher concentration of the ingredient. If you’re after the hydrating properties, opt for the snail cream. To obtain the best results, the combination of serums, essence and cream are recommended.


COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Formulated with 96% Snail Secretion Filtrate(Mucin), this essence protects the skin from moisture loss while keeping the skin texture smooth and healthy.


SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum

A multifunctional serum brightens skin while also combating signs of aging! Its formula is enriched with snail mucin to help regenerate skin cells while Truecica soothes skin and refines its texture.


ITS SKIN Prestige Serum D'escargot

This serum contains 21% of the snail filtrate, which is a remarkable skin recovery system. This light weight texture serum helps reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots, blemishes and calms troubled skin.


COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream

The Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream is a very nourishing and moisturizing cream that endows energy and beauty to the skin with its 92% pure snail secretion filtrate, gathered from living Korean snail.


SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream

Snail cream is formulated with Snail Truecica™ which contains black snail, and 5 types of ceramide components which strengthen skin barrier that can protect skin from external stress and prevent it from turning into sensitive skin.


ITS SKIN Prestige Creme D'escargot

A first-Class luxurious cream that contains mucin (snail mucus), the key ingredient for superior cell restoration, moisturization and skin trouble relieving effects. These ingredients create a synergy effect to regenerate damaged cells which is one of the fundamental reasons for skin aging.


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