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COSME HUT Top 3 - Cleansers

COSME HUT Top 3 - Cleansers

We’re so excited to present our new series - COSME HUT TOP 3 - where we give you a closer look at our best sellers for each category with a little insight on why these products are so loved by our customers!

Naturally we’re starting off with the FIRST step of a skincare routine, which is CLEANSER!

We will be taking a closer look at the top 3 cleansers for COSME HUT Online and the top selling cleansers from our three Perth stores, which of course feature some K-beauty classics.


What is cleansing?

A cleanser, or face wash is the first step of a skincare routine. It’s purpose is to cleanse and wash away impurities on the skin left over from makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum and oils, dirt, sweat and pore-clogging bacteria. We cleanse away these impurities to create a clean canvas for the rest of the skincare products we want to layer on top. A good cleanser will clean the skin's surface and deep within the pores without leaving the skin too dry or tight, but instead moisturised and balanced. Different cleanser types are more suitable depending on your skin type and different ingredients will help to target different skin concerns or goals such as acne-prone skin or brightening. 




COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

This cleanser is a well-known K-Beauty classic and global COSRX best-seller!
It’s a gentle daily gel type cleanser to soothe, refresh and soften without stripping the skin. It gently removes impurities, protects the skin barrier and restores skin’s pH balance. The mildly acidic pH is similar is our skin’s natural pH level to maintain the skin’s barrier and help protect against irritants. Formulated with 0.5% Betaine Salicylate and Tea Tree Oil to refine and strengthen skin’s texture for a clear complexion. The clear gel texture can be lathered into light, yet luxurious bubbles for a refreshing cleanse. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is best recommended for those with dry skin, dull & tired skin, uneven skin texture and is great for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic and free from parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial colourants, mineral oils, silicone and sulphates. 


INNISFREE Green Tea Foam Cleanser

Another well-loved cleanser that we aren’t surprised at all to see make multiple appearances in our top 3!
A creamy cleansing foam with Green Tea Seed and Root Extract and Fresh Green Tea Water to hydrate while whisking away dirt and impurities, leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean. Enriched with Innisfree’s double-squeezed Beauty Green Tea from Jeju Island, high in amino acids for hydration and moisture. The Green Tea Extracts from Jeju are pesticide-free and high in Vitamin C for a clear complexion. The cleanser has a fine foamy lather to remove skin impurities within the pores for a balancing cleanse that doesn’t strip the skin of hydration. INNISFREE Green Tea Foam Cleanser is best recommended for normal, combination and oily skin types.


SHISEIDO Senka Perfect Whip Foam Wash

Japan's famous top cleanser and well-known Asian best-seller!
Senka’s signature ingredients, Double Hyaluronic Acid and naturally-derived White Cocoon Essence thoroughly remove impurities from deep within the pores while protecting the skin from dryness. Known for it’s rich, dense micro foam and ultra fine cleansing particles, this face wash is especially moisturising and helps comfortably and effectively remove impurities for a smooth and hydrating cleanse. Perfect Whip is dermatologically-tested and free from mineral oils, paragons, silicones and sulphates.   



Northbridge store: 1/137 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000


Westfield Carousel: 1382 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA 6107


Westfield Booragoon: Shop 153/125-153 Riseley St, Booragoon WA 6154


INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam EX

A pore-cleansing foam with the absorbing powers of Jeju Volcanic Clusters that deep cleanse the pores and absorb excess sebum, oils and dirt for fresh, clean skin. Jeju Volcanic Clusters naturally form when lava from a volcanic eruption solidifies on Jeju Island and are known as an effective skincare ingredient for drawing out and absorbing skin impurities. The cleanser lathers into a rich and fine whipped-cream-like foam to thoroughly and deeply cleanse the pores for refreshed skin. INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam EX is best recommended for oily and acne-prone skin types. 


SOME BY MI AHA BHA PHA Miracle Acne Clear Foam

An acne-clearing cleanser from the same range as SOME BY MI’s famous miracle toner.
This cleanser is formulated with 80% Centella Asiatica Extract and Tea Tree Leaf Water to care for acne by gently exfoliating and deep cleansing clogged pores. Active ingredients work to improve the appearance of redness and inflammation caused by acne while protecting the skin against external irritants. AHAs remove impurities and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface while BHAs exfoliate deeper in the pores by removing clogged impurities and sebum. PHAs prevent the skin from losing important moisture for an all-in-one acne-fighting and skin calming cleanser. SOME BY MI Miracle Acne Clear Foam is best recommended for acne-prone, oily, combination and normal skin types. 


COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Gel Cleanser

A specially formulated gel cleanser enriched with Snail Mucin to protect and restore the skin. Star ingredient, Snail Secretion Filtrate hydrates, protects and has powerful regenerative abilities that protect and heal the skin’s barrier for a smooth complexion. The unique stretchy and elastic texture effectively works to deep cleanse the skin and pores. The gel lathers into a smooth and dense texture that is gentle on the skin. This cleanser is a must-try for Snail Mucin lovers, and worry not, because no harm comes to the snails during the ingredient collection process. COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Gel Cleanser is best recommended for sensitive skin and those prone to redness and irritation. 


Thank you for reading!

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