SOME BY MI Red Teatree Cicassoside Final Solution Serum

SOME BY MI Red Teatree Cicassoside Final Solution Serum 50ml

365 Days of sensitive skin?  We recommend this Red Teatree Cicassoside Serum that can mildly calm skin with low-irritation dual care.

Red Teatree is a type of teatree plant that grows only in the east cape part of an island in the northern part of New Zealand.

Red Teatree Serum contains 86% of Red Teatree, a key ingredient that calms skin, to reduce irritation and to provide calming care on hypersensitive skin.

Prevents skin from becoming more sensitive.  A low pH serum that contains PHA which helps mild exfoliation and maintain healthy skin balance.

Absorbed into the skin without any stickiness with a refreshing texture.  It quickly provides skin with moisture and active ingredietns and finishes refreshingly on sensitive skin.

-Skin irritation tested. Suitable for hypersensitive and acne skin used.
-Contains Red Tea Tree Extract & Cicassocide™ for powerful skin soothing.
-Helps improve dead skin cells and skin redness in 2 weeks.
-Formulated with sub-acidic PHA formula for dead skin cells care.
How to use
After cleansing and toner, apply a proper amount on the face and pat gently for better absorption.