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Sakura Veil Moisturising Gel Cream - Cosme Hut

Sakura Veil Moisturising Gel Cream

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This gel provides luxurious moisture and restores softness for healthy looking skin.

  • Containing Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate the skin, this product helps skin enhance its strength against harsh environmental elements.
  • Using advanced Pola technology, the cream has a barrier that works to prevent moisture escaping.
  • Skin does not feel oily due to the gel base.
  • Use after milk.

        Age Group: Teens to early/mid 20’s
        Product Type: Preventative
        Skin Type: Youthful Skin, Sensitive skin
        Concerns: Maintaining and improving skin texture


        Features & Benefits:

        • Sakura Veil is rich in natural extracts that have been highly prized in Japan for centuries. These extracts guard your skin from damage caused by the external environment
        • Creates smooth, hydrated skin
        • Sakura flower extract reduces inflammation and promotes smooth, glowing skin
        • Green tea extract, picked from the first tea leaves of the season in Japan, which are rich in vitamin C and act as an antioxidant
        • Rice bran to create a veil for the skin, helping it to lock in moisture by preventing the stratum corneum from thickening
        • By reducing particles to a very fine size, active ingredients can penetrate deeply
        • Refreshing fragrance relaxes the senses
        • Allergy Tested
        • Non-comedogenic – formulated to reduce the risk of the occurrence of comedo (the source of pimples)
        • No colour additives

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