OLENS DAILY Scandi Olive (0.00) 10pcs

OLENS DAILY (1 day) Scandi Olive (0.00) 10pcs/5 pairs

OLENS DAILY (1 day) Scandi Olive (0.00) 10pcs

1 Box contains 5 Pair of Contact Lenses (10pcs)

Prescription: PLANO/ +0.00 ONLY

Please note that we are NOT able to ship any contact lens internationally. All contact lens will be shipped within Australia ONLY

  • Water Content:48%
  • D.I.A.:14.2mm
  • COLORED D.I.A:11.9mm
  • B.C.:8.7
  • Material:PUSCON
  • Center thickness:0.08MM
  • Place of origin:KOREA
  • Duration:1 Day
This is the same eye colour as OLENS MONTHLY SCANDI OLIVE