LANEIGE Basic Trio Set (Moisture)

LANEIGE Basic Trio Set (Moisture)


Laneige Basic Trio Set Moisture (8 items) contains:

Essential Power Skin Refiner 200ml
Essential Balancing Emulsion 120ml
Water Bank Gel Cream 50ml
Essential Power Skin Refiner 15ml
Essential Balancing Emulsion 15ml
Water Bank Hydro Essence 5ml
Water Bank Gel Cream 10ml
Water Sleeping Mask 15ml

How to use

Essential Power Skin Refiner
- After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of this refiner on a face.
- Gently pat and massage into skin until it is completely absorbed.

Essential Balancing Emulsion
- After applying toner, apply the appropriate amount of this emulsion on the face.
- Gently massage into skin until it is completely absorbed.

Water Bank Gel Cream
- Apply appropriate amount on palm after cleansing and toning, rub gently and press evenly on face.
- Recommended massaging for activating the blood circulation and metabolism to obtain better absorption.

Water Sleeping Mask
- Before sleep, apply an appropriate amount on nose tip, cheek, forehead and chin area, and enjoy the scent for about 3 seconds.
- Gently spread over the face from inner to outer part along the skin.
- Go to sleep after the product is absorbed without rinsing off. Wash face in the next morning.