HOUSE OF ROSE Oh! Baby Body Smoother #Green Lemon

HOUSE OF ROSE Oh! Baby Body Smoother #Green Lemon 350g

A massage paste to scrub and gently remove dead skin cells on the body, leaving it smooth and refreshed. Formulated with natural hot spring water to soften old keratin and gently remove old calluses that are hard and rough. Makes skin soft and smooth with the crispy and refreshing scent of freshly picked Setoda green lemons.

How to use:
After getting the body wet (in the shower or bath), take an appropriate amount of product. Add lukewarm water until it becomes soft, then spread it over the body concentrating on the elbows, knees, heels or any area you are concerned about roughness. Massage gently before rinsing thoroughly.

PPEG-6, PEG-32, sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, fragrance, sodium carbonate, lemon peel oil, hot spring water, lemon fruit extract, lemon juice, lemon fruit water, silk, BG, water, ethanol