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DR JART+ The Mask Shaking Rubber Shot Peel Off Mask / 4Types - Cosme Hut

DR JART+ The Mask Shaking Rubber Shot Peel Off Mask / 4Types

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[  DR.JART+ ]  The Mask Shaking Rubber Shot Peel Off Mask / 4Type
Product Description

DIY mask pack made to shake lightly like a cocktail !


# Option Type

01. Hydro Shot - Skin Vitality & Moisturizing Care

02. Luminous Shot - Cooling & Soothing Care

03. Elastic Shot - Brightening & Tone Up Care

04. Soothing Shot - Elastic & Skin Texture Care


  • Home esthetic care with close adhesion.
  • Continuous Nutrition Ingredients & Care.
  • Exfoliation and smooth skin texture.

    Product Composition

    1. Spatula
    2. Shaking cup
    3. Double trans booster
    4. Ampoule

    How To Use

    • Step 01. Open the cap and remove the cap and cap.
    • Step 02. 1 Put the 1st (Booster) and 2nd (Liquid Ampoule) into the mixing container. After closing the cap, cover the hole of the cap with your hand and shake it vigorously.
      As the scream disappears, it turns into a cream.
    • Step 03. Open the cap and apply it evenly to the clean face except for the eyes and mouth within 2 ~ 3 minutes using the spatula.
    • Step 04. 4. After about 15 ~ 20 minutes, the sheet will be removed from the edge when it hardens.
    • Step 05. Lightly wipe the residue and finish with basic care.

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