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“D” Clay Massage & Wash (Mask)

“D” Clay Massage & Wash (Mask)

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D – Detox & Defense Range

Combination of a mild Charcoal Scrub and Clay mask  thoroughly cleanses clogged and blackened pores deep in the pores.

Amount to use: Spread a large cherry size amount over the face.

Massage gently.  Can be removed straight away or left on for around 5 – 10 minutes for a mask effect then thoroughly remove with water.

Use once or  twice per week for clearer skin as a massage and mask.   Can also be applied directly to any pimples and left on the skin overnight.

Contains Approximately 50 applications.

  • Detox & Defense – Concentrated Botanical Power
  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Concerns: Aging skin, sagging, fine lines, dull complexion, open pores


Features & Benefits:

  • D  works on various skin concerns including fine lines, dull complexion, open pores and problem skin, leaving the skin brightened, moisturised, smooth and hydrated.
  • Natural botanical ingredients repair aging damage and help to create a skin that is firmer and clearer looking. D is highly effective against the signs of aging.
  • NEW Golden Neem (Pola original extract) removes and prevents MMP1.  * MMP1 = collagen breaking enzyme.  Even if dermis cells are healthy, once MMP1 starts to accumulate, aging starts to progress.
  • The entire ‘D’ range incorporates Golden Neem – a Pola original ingredient of concentrated extract from the leaves of the Neem tree, which originated in India.  Neem is called a miracle tree that has been known from ancient times to have medical effects.  It is full of vitality and even grows in barren land with its strong roots.
  • Golden Neem and 7 natural derived ingredients help repair damage, removes signs of sagging and removes and prevents the accumulation of aging substances in the dermis.

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