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Copy of Late Night Meal Diet EX 30 Days

Copy of Late Night Meal Diet EX 30 Days

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On a diet but just had a big late night? Don’t worry – here is SHINYA KOSO Late Night Big Meal Diet – Enzyme, Ukon & Ginger 180 Tablets. Designed by Dr. Hiromi Shintani, Late Night Big Meal Diet Tablets provide the ‘triple support’ from enzyme, ukon turmeric and ginger, which powerfully absorbs excess fat, helping you keep control of your weight even after a late night meal.

    Contents: 6 tablets × 30 packs

    Recommended for people who:

    • have Irregular life
    • busy working crowd
    • love food/dessert/drinking
    • want exercise but does not have time
    • think Diet is painful

    How to use

    • one pack per day, can be taken before dinner/sleep
    • consume plenty of water to fasten the burn fat process

    Differences between Enhanced Version & Normal Version

    1. Enhanced version contain 140% more enzyme compare to the normal version. Need not to worry if you have eaten too much Enhanced version can dilute 148 mugs of beer, 29 bowls of rice, 31 pieces of dessert sugar-fat
    2. Additional ingredient: enhanced version added with new formula "Curcumin" 40mg~ which can prevent hang over
    3. Top up with ginger extracts: enhanced version contain 250% more extracts than the normal version. You feel warmer regardless during winter time


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