BLITHE Pressed Serum Deluxe Collection

BLITHE Pressed Serum Deluxe Collection


The Pressed Serum Deluxe Collection includes four colorful serums housed in sleek 20ml tubs for various skin concerns. The Tundra Chaga serum improves skin elasticity and oil-water balance while softening skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The Crystal Iceplant serum soothes and cools irritated skin while offering moisture and pore care. The Gold Apricot serum brightens skin, soothes irritation caused by UV rays and targets acne. The Velvet Yam serum forms a non-sticky, long-lasting moisture barrier and leaves skin soft and smooth.


This Pressed Serum Deluxe Collection comes with:
Pressed Serum #Tundra Chaga, #Crystal Ice Plant, #Velvet Yam, #Gold Apricot 20ml x 1pc

Tundra Chaga:
With Adenosine ingredients to improve skin elasticity.
With Sparassis Crispa Extract and Alteromonas Ferment Extract for oil-water balance to keep skin moisturized.
Soften skin and ease off the wrinkles on skin.

Crystal Iceplant:
Soothes irritated skin with cooling effect.
Contains zinc which helps form collagen and betacarotene which good for skin health that blend with iceplant cell for skin moisturizing effect.
With Evening Primrose Extract, Arrowroot Extract, Pine Needles Extract, Salicis Cortex Extract for oil-water balance for pore caring.

Gold Apricot:
Brightens skin with Niacinamide and gives spot care to skin.
Improve dull skin from inside for a glowing finish.
With Apricot Extract to restrain the growth of blemishes/freckles and help recovering irritated skin caused by UV lights.

Velvet Yam:
Moisturizes skin with the botanical Mucin in the Yam Root Extract for collagen composing.
Forms a long lasting moisture barrier without sticky feeling.
The Yam Root Extract helps to keep moisturizing skin until the next day morning for a soft and smooth finish.

How to use

After cleansing, apply a proper amount on the face along skin texture evenly and press gently onto face for better absorption.