BE BALANCE AZULENE Micro Fiber Mask (10pcs/box)

BE BALANCE AZULENE Micro Fiber Mask 1 box 10 pcs

  • Clean skin, sensitive and calm, anti-oxidation of skin
  • Improve skin immunity
  • Keep skin clean, relieve skin fatigue, calm and sensitive
  • Heals wounds, prevents wrinkles, enhances collagen production, and calms sensitive
  • Moisturizing, sensitive and calming, improving skin vitality
  • Skin bactericidal, sensitive to calm, relieve stress
  • Calms inflammation, antibacterial, and relieves skin's power

The main ingredient "Azulene" (Chamomile Blue) is an essential oil component extracted from chamomile, which effectively promotes and prevents skin problems such as damage and thinning of the skin protective film.

Effectively calms damaged skin affected by ultraviolet rays and radiation, damages the skin by sand and dust, and various laser problems make the skin fragile, thin, red, itchy and other problems.