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B.A The Eye Cream 18g

B.A The Eye Cream 18g

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From the moment this rich cream is applied, it begins to melt deeply into the skin for a firmer and lifed eye area

 Winner of 12 International First place Awards

STEP 5 – The Eye Cream NEW! focusing on “strength collagen” for a more defined and radiant eye area

  • Creates a total Anti-Ageing effect that works on the entire dermis
  • Fights the signs of ageing around the eyes by reconstructing the skin from within
  • Latest theory and technology to ensure visible results
  • Treats sagging skin around the eyes that causes skin to look older than it is and it cannot be covered with makeup alone.
  • Contains Shell Ginger Leaf Extract to produce bonding collagen cells and Akebia Shoot Extract to increase blood circulation by widening blood vessels, dramatically reducing dark eye circles.
  • Skin is instantly reconstructed feeling firmer and smoother.

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