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SULWHASOO Bloomstay Vitalizing Special Set Cosme Hut Australia

SULWHASOO Bloomstay Vitalizing Special Set

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SULWHASOO Bloomstay Vitalizing Special Set

(1) First Care Activating Serum EX Plum Blossom, 15ml

An essential regimen first step serum formulated withJAUM Balancing Complex™ assures optimal skincare resultsby restoring balance to skin.

By hydrating and balancing your skin, this serum generates the glowing radiance of healthy skin

The new JAUM Balancing Complex™, now 180 percent more concentrated than before, improves your skin’s complexion by caring for the signs of aging, giving you a healthier looking glow.

(2) Bloomstay Vitalizing Water, 15ml

Bloomstay Vitalizing Water harmonizes the anti-oxidant energy of plum blossom with Yuzu components to leave the skin feeling rejuvenated with a hydrated and smooth finish

(3) Bloomstay Vitalizing Serum, 8ml

Plum blossom essence containing condensed antioxidant energy

Gentle plum blossom with antioxidant energy gently penetrates to help alleviate signs of aging skin, helping to boost skin's vitality.

Add germinating oyster seed ingredients for a clearer, shining skin

Suline Essence plus germinating oyster seed ingredients helps to create a healthy, clear shining skin.

A texture that gives a sense of nourishment and a smooth and refreshing finish

The essence of the formulation containing a sense of resilience and concentration is spread out tightly on the skin and finished softly and smoothly.

(4) Bloomstay Vitalizing Cream, 5ml

Plum antioxidant and environmental protection efficacy of plum ingredients
The green plum blossom element that contains antioxidant energy protects skin from external harmful environment by protecting skin from signs of aging.

Glowing oily seeds and sulphurous oil ingredients plus suline cream, elastic and clear skin care

Contains germinating oyster seed ingredients, adds skin elasticity effect, and suline cream containing sulphuric acid ingredients, moisturizes and softens the skin.

The soft cushion texture cream envelopes the skin comfortably and offers softness and resilience.

How To Use

Applied directly after cleansing, our boosting serum enhances your next steps

As the first step after cleansing, our serum helps balance your skin and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it. Especially suitable for sensitive skin, the formula is designed to protect delicate skin types.

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